tiistai 11. elokuuta 2015

About good ways to think

My blog http://quickerlearning.blogspot.fi has an easy efficient thinking course in common sense like objective thinking that seeks to be close the basic form of objectivity, kind of reaching the essential without taking along anything clumsy or superfluous. More about thinking and intelligence at links from there. See especially the Finnish blog http://pikakoulu.blogspot.fi and it's social observations about common misconceptions about thinking and intelligence. Notice also what is said about old age and intelligence in general.

Social relationships and well working international relations

The Finnish rule "Live and let others live" http://finnishskills.blogspot.fi/2012/10/live-and-let-others-live.html creates a well working social life and well working international relationships. It is a good formulation of a very basic observation like "I live and they live in their own ways too". It kind of sets guidelines and borders straight and tell what to defend and what not to bother about. It is amazingly effective. It presupposes a some kind of moral which agrees with thinking with a picture of the whole. Please get to know it, pick a better saying for it and try it out somewhere from where you can learn it if it works out well.
There is also another piece of Finnish wisdom that works well with this perspectiva and solves tangles and makes life better: http://finnishskills.blogspot.fi/2012/10/social-skills.html


My picture of the world fits different values to a well working whole

My thinking seems to be well fitted to making some remarks about what new flags etc should be like in certain important respects and what a good interpretation of an old flag should take into account.
My picture of the world fits together different values with the idea of a healthy society and healthy worls with healthy natural ways of living. The healthy is what our nature guides us toward, so health is the typical characteristic of many important values, which can be seen as some sides of an ideally healthy society etc.
The comparison of healthy versus broken gives a power analyzis which supports highly respected values which we feel emotionally and morally important.
The concept of health generalizes to "a (1.) well planned (2.) opitimized whole which is (3.) used wisely in the light of one's whole objective picture of the world". So this power analyzis can be used in the modern world too and applied also to technology. Important characteristics like "a whole that works well together", maintain their wisdom when the society includes also artificial man-made things like computers, cars, houses etc.

A healthy world: my book at http://2013paradise.blogspot.fi/2011/12/new-paradise-like-era.html
Healthy versus broken: http://healthilymoral.blogspot.fi/2011/08/world-is-of-love.html
Different values fitted together via the concept of healthy world: http://paratiisiteoria.blogspot.fi/2014/12/vajaat-30-paratiisia-parhaana.html
Threath scenarios opposed with the help of healthy practices in a society: http://paratiisiteoria.blogspot.fi/2013/09/paratiisissa-on-kaarme.html

Healthy natural ages old ways of living and healthy ways of doing things   http://finnishskills.blogspot.fi/2015/11/healthy-ways-of-living.html